The Inheritance by Donna Sundblad

Christian Allegories

The Inheritance, written by Donna Sundblad, is a Christian allegory written along the lines of traditional allegories such as the Pilgrim’s Progress or Hinds’ Feet On High Places.

However, there is little similarity between these rather staid tomes and the action-packed pages of Sundblad’s novel.

While it may sound trite and time-worn to say that “I couldn’t put it down,” the reality is that I had to make myself stop reading it long enough to do mundane tasks like eat, sleep and care for my family.

I could not wait to find out what kind of trouble Jejune would get into next and what would happen to him.

The Inheritance

Don’t be fooled by the start of the novel, which introduces the orphan Jejune and his faithful companion Wigglewot. Orphaned when his parents never returned from a quest and consumed by questions he cannot answer in his home village, he sets out on a quest to find the truth about himself, his parents, and the Eternal City.

While this might seem like the tried and tested hero goes on quest, meets fair maiden, vanquishes some enemies, and lives happily ever after tale, it is much more. Keep reading for some more tantalizing tidbits…