Review of Jonathan Park Radio Dramas

Whether your child attends public or private school, the odds are that at some point in time, you will be faced with the issue of discussing creation versus evolution.

I’ve used the Jonathan Park Radio Dramas successfully with my grandson to give him a firm foundation in creation science for kids.

These audio stories revolve around the adventures of Jonathan Park and his family as they struggle to build a Creation Science Museum to share the biblical version of the creation story with everyone.

Jonathan Park The Adventure Begins

This is the first part (book one, if you will!) Much like the pilot episode on a new television series, in this adventure listeners are introduced to Jonathan and his parents as well as the Brenan family. Jonathan makes a new friend (Jessie Brenan) and the two families learn to work together to achieve a common goal.

Episodes include:

The Secrets of the Hidden Cave: Parts I & II – No, these two families did not meet a church picnic or school function. Unbelievably, they are trapped underground during a storm and discover a life-changing secret.

Adventure on the Aucilla River – Jonathan’s friends (the Eagle’s Nest Gang) try to solve a mystery while the Parks family looks for artifacts in the Brenan’s cave.

Disaster at Brenan Bluff – Will Jonathan and Jess survive the rock slide that threatens the dinosaur graveyard?

African Safari – The Parks and Brenans receive a mysterious invitation to dig for fossils in Africa. Why are their families chosen and what dangers lie ahead?

Escape From Utopia – The two families are taking a road trip together and get stranded by car trouble in Utopia. While being in “Utopia” might sound like a dream come true, they quickly realize what a nightmare it is.

The Clue From Nineveh – This is an excellent episode for teaching kids the biblical way to deal with bullies (nuff said!)

Art Heist Adventure – While the Parks and Brenans attend an art show, the children uncover and solve a mystery about the art gallery and foil a robbery attempt.

Mystery at Dead Man’s Curve – Who is the mysterious stranger threatening to ruin the Creation Museum project? You’ll love how the Eagle’s Nest Gang solves this puzzle.

The Return to Hidden Cave: Parts I & II – The Parks and Brenans must stop some escaped convicts from derailing the Creation Museum project. Can they solve the mystery in time?

What You Will Like

These are high quality radio dramas with lots of excitement, action and cliff-hanging endings. If your kids are like my grandson, they will be eager to hear the next episode and may even refuse to get out of the car when you reach your destination. Listening to these Jonathan Park adventures is an excellent way to cut down on the number of times you will hear “Are we there yet?”

Creation Science for Kids

From an educational standpoint, while the stories are fiction, the facts are not. These dramas are presented by Vision Forum Ministries and the research is impeccable. In one episode, we actually got to hear recorded statements from leading creation scientists telling why they believe in creation. By the end of the series, I felt well prepared to defend a creationist stance, and I had the scripture and scientific knowledge I needed. Even better, I knew that Zach was equally as prepared to defend his beliefs if necessary.