BibleMan: Blasting the Big Gamemaster Bully

Movie Review From a Christian Perspective

Can this be true? Did BibleMan really just say that although he knows that God always provides a way out, he just can’t see one just now? What can have happened to shake BibleMan’s faith?

BibleMan finds himself pitted against his fiercest foe ever when he confronts the bully Super Pro Gamemaster III. The Gamemaster’s new video game “Big Bad Bully” is enticing kids to be mean and bully other kids.

When BibleMan confronts the bully, the Gamemaster blindsides him with some shocking knowledge.: he knows BibleMan’s secret identity (Josh Carpenter) and will reveal him to the world if BibleMan does not step down.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Josh was bullied in his youth and is still struggling with some unresolved issues because of that. In addition, one of the Bible Adventure Team members, Melody, confesses that she was a bully at one time. She relates how hard it was to go back to the people she mistreated and ask forgiveness.

While I am going to reveal that BibleMan defeats the Gamemaster, I’m not going to reveal how he does it or what weapon proves to be the most effective against the bully. You need to discover that for yourself!

Facing Down Bullies

With all the news in the press recently about bullying, this movie can be a valuable resource for teaching children how to stand up to bullies and not accept the role of victim.

While they get to see the adults (BibleMan, Cypher, Bible Girl and Melody) facing down their bullies, they also have a chance to see children their own age confront and deal with a bullying situation.

It is important for kids to realize that we adults struggle just as they do, and sometimes, we just do not know what to do.

The key scripture for this DVD is Ephesians 4:12 “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a three-fold cord is not quickly broken.” Or, in other words, two or more can stand against a bully if their cause is just.

Who Is That Masked Man?

Robert T. Schlipp donned both the mask and the role of BibleMan in 2003. Schlipp, a children’s pastor at Sunset Christian Center, felt an almost instant call to the role when watching a BibleMan Live performance.

He has become the new face behind the mask for BibleMan as he tours the country in BibleMan events such as road tours, personal appearances, DVD screenings of new Bible movies, and Fly Dates. Fly Dates, by the way, are small scale performances of the BibleMan Live adventures presented on stages at local churches and other venues.

Schlipp says, “As a children’s pastor, I saw no other ministry that could deliver the spiritual impact that BibleMan delivered in just one hour. It’s not about lights and staging, but about facilitating that one-on-one communication and commitment between God and child.”

I have always been impressed with the salvation invitation that appears at the end of the later BibleMan DVDs.

While I could not find any information to substantiate this, I am wondering if Schlipp was instrumental in adding that important facet to the BibleMan movies. I’m basing my assumption on something that I read in the FAQs section of the BibleMan events information on the Thunder Media Missions website where it states that a salvation invitation will always be included in BibleMan events.

If you would like more information on Schlipp or his children’s ministry, or if you would like to schedule a BibleMan appearance at your local church, I urge you to visit their website, Thunder Media Missions.

Key Bonus Features

The bonus features includes a music video with the “Stand Strong” song, which you will find that kids really like. Don’t overlook the value of the message of the song and the video because it is presented in a format that appeals to kids visual and engages their senses.

If you plan to use the song as part as a lesson or as part of watching the movie, take a few minutes to teach them the movements that go with the song. My little guy caught onto them right away and enjoyed singing and moving to the music with the Bible Adventure Team and BibleMan.

BibleMan’s Armor explained: be sure to watch this segment. Schlipp and Cypher do a walk-through on the full armor of God and explain it in kid-friendly terminology. I especially like that Schlipp makes it clear that he and the Bible Adventure team do not draw their weapons or fight against other humans. Rather, they are fighting against the spiritual forces of evil.

The bloopers section is not as funny as some others that we have seen on Bibleman movies but it does offer some laughs.